7 Benefits Of Using An Android Smartphone

Can you be trying to find the best OPERATING SYSTEM? You may be considering that Android is the foremost. Relating to statistics, around 80 percent of smartphones run Android os. Given below are some main benefits associated with an Google android smartphone. Continue reading. fts 17 apk

With Android, you can use a variety of icons, so you can customize your mobile phone without the problem. You can set your phone up the way you want. On the other hands, iOS doesn’t allow that much flexibility. 

Android hardware
Since Android posseses an available nature, any company is allowed to manufacture an Android-based smartphone. So, as far as the characteristics are concerned, you have a lot of overall flexibility. iPhones are relatively more expensive. Nevertheless , you can choose from a range of devices that run Android.

Hardware and software advancement
Since Android is free, lots of companies are making useful enhancements. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of companies and those who are benefitting from the open up nature of Android. While a result, you can experience lots of features. A lot of them even were found on Android before they even appeared on Apple smartphones, such as WebP images, WiFi Direct and so on.

Apps are cheaper
The Google Enjoy Store has far more programs than the Apple App-store. On top of that, the programs on PlayStore are cheaper. And almost all of the software are offered to down load for free. So, this is another great good thing about Android over Apple iOS. Therefore, if you are on a budget but want to have the most fun with your phone, we suggest that you look for a good Android-based phone.

The open ecosystem
Apart from the Yahoo Play Store, you can download programs from a variety of other places. However, you should know of the risks that you may have to adopt when putting in programs from a few other source. But Android will just warn you, and the final decision will come.

More storage
If you buy the iphone, you will get 16GB of space for storing. On the other side, Android devices offer two times the space. Aside from this, you can raise the storage place further with an Facts. You can’t enjoy this benefit with an iPhone.

Better screen image resolution
As far as the Apple smartphones are worried, the first smartphone that came with a 1080 p resolution screen was i phone 6 Plus. Alternatively, Android os devices came with this impressive resolution screen quite earlier. Moreover, the existing number of Android smartphone have got much farther than that. As an example, if you go for the Volvo Experia Z5 Premium, you can enjoy a 4K screen. But even the cheaper Android phones already have 1080p resolution.

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