Air Conditioning Systems V Central Heating Systems

Now i’m always amazed at the reluctance of the United kingdom to part company with old ideas in benefit of new products and lifestyles. Air conditioning is a great sort of a really great product but homeowners are still reluctant to install. And so the question is, why? Repair Aircon Singapore

Air-con Systems In UK Business office buildings

It’s a little bit crazy but My spouse and i would imagine 80% of UK offices and commercial premises are heated and cooled by air health and fitness systems but yet it would never happen to the staff within these premises to install air conditioning systems in their homes. It’s not like people don’t really know what it is it just that they associate air health and fitness with offices and central heating with homes. 

Central Heating Is The Many Popular in UK Homes

There is no discussion that central heating is currently heating about 80 percent of UK homes but if it was actually useful then why is it no more widely used in offices and commercial complexes?

What About The Uk Climate – Maybe Gowns The Answer

Sure enough if you go into mainland Europe and visit France or Italy you will see an exceptional big difference in the use of heating systems. Anybody driving a car around Paris or The italian capital would most definitely assume that almost every apartment has air conditioning specially when you see the thousands of aircon boxes perched on windows sills. Yet somehow both Paris, france , and Rome get frosty winters and snow just like here in great britain so that can’t be the main reason whey we use heating and they use aircon. Maybe the Europeans get better warmer weather in the summer and they require the aircon in the summer where we can struggle by as done in the past.

The British May Like Change

Personally, We feel that whatever research one does as to why the Europeans favor aircon you will eventually come to the conclusion that what it really depends after is that the British isles are reluctant to change. They are a land of putter-uppers who want to suffer and whine after. Take it from myself, I’ve been here for 35 years and i also know. To further my argument I can tell you that the British still use copper mineral pipe to install central heating and plumbing in their homes when plastic-type material pipes and fitting have been available for two decades or so. Plastic water lines have become employed by all the UK utility companies to serve 30million homes their gas and water but yet the British home owner wants to stay with copper because that the actual had in the past. They simply hate changing things even though it is within their own interest and they will be better off because of it.

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