How to Bathe a Bearded Dragon

Bewhiskered dragons should be bathed often as it is good for their cleanliness. There are several requirements to adhere to when bathing a bearded lizard and special care should be considered when bathing baby and juvenile reptiles. It is not a difficult process to wash your lizard, as most thoroughly enjoy bath time. Bearded Men

When baths a bearded dragon, it is important to not use any soaps or detergents. While a bewhiskered lizard is bathing it is likely to drink several of the water it is being bathed in and if chemical in particular or soaps are being used it could cause harm. To appropriately bathe a bearded monster one should use fresh plain tap water only and allow the reptile to go swimming around in the drinking water for roughly 15 – 20 minutes. 

Water Interesting depth & Temperature

The normal water for bearded dragons should be filled to a level that is equivalent to the joints of the arms and hip and legs. For babies, with regards to a 50 percent inch to an in of water will be sufficient for bathing them. If perhaps bearded lizards are put in water that is actually deep, there is a chance the lizard may drown. It is strongly recommended for baby and juvenile lizards to be bathed in a sink or something similar in size; individuals may be bathed in a bath tub or in a Rubbermaid bag. The bearded dragon should have enough room to maneuver within the drinking water in order to shed any loose skin or contaminants from it’s body.

The water temperature for bathing a bearded lizard should be anywhere from eighty-eight to ninety-five deg Fahrenheit for virtually any age. That they should never be allowed to bathe in cool water, or be subject matter to temperatures that are lower than eighty-five level Fahrenheit. Exposure to chilly temperatures may be lethal to a bearded monster; the lizard should also be returned promptly to the vivarium so the dragon may warm back again up to the accurate temperature.

After The Shower

Once the bearded lizard has finished bathing, or whenever one decides to stop bathing the lizard, it should be dried out off with a gentle towel or cloth. Attention should be taken when drying, nothing too hard should be used to dry the bearded monster. It is important to be dried the bewhiskered lizard off well when by using a loose substrate, such as sand; positioning a damp bearded dragon in sand will cause the sand or substrate allergens to stick to it.

After drying the bewhiskered dragon should be located in the vivarium where it may raise their body temperature back to the normal levels, the lizard ought not to be removed from the vivarium for no much longer than an hour.

We all recommend that bearded lizards be bathed once a month and twice per month during the summer a few months. Extra care should be taken when bathing during the winter months as it is colder and may harm the bewhiskered lizard.

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