Best Super Mario Games

Mario has been around permanently – ok, maybe not forever, however for almost 31 years now. He’s came out in over 200 game titles. Which ones are the best?

For the purposes of this article, we’re going give attention to those games which star Mario, rather than ones in which this individual may appear as only one of many character types (such as Super Beat Bros Brawl) or as a supporting character.¬†Brawl Stars Apk

The initial 8-bit Nintendo Mario video games, of course, set the standard through which all later games will be regarded. I refer, of course, to Super Mario Bros and Mario Bros 3, not the second game in the series (which was never intended to be a Mario game in the first place).

After the Super Designers released, we got good Mario game: Super Mario Kart! For the first time, Mario appears in something that isn’t a platformer, and a new series is born.¬†

For a few years, Mario found himself twiddling his thumb in 3-dimensional games, but the Gamecube found him self getting back to his 2-dimension roots – perhaps a little more literally than expected – in Newspaper Mario 2: Thousand Yr Door. A great RPG-style game, Mario learns a great many new techniques, like the ability to collapse his paper body up into a paper airline!

Once the Wii appeared, naturally, we got some of the most popular games in the series: Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros Wii! Mario Kart Nintendo wii regains and karts and adds bikes and even more power-ups (want to throw a blue turtle shell at the best? ), and New (Super, of course) Mario Bros is quite possibly the best video game ever made, bringing in all the elements that made the games which preceded it great. And with the two mentioned here great games, the legacy lives on..

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