Drop Shipping Flowers – Dandelions and Irises and Roses, Oh, My!

Bouquets never go out of style. They are directed as Thank You items, to woo a new love or an old flame, to say I enjoy You to Mom, as a condolence message for loosing a loved one, or as a Get Well Soon present. Holiday seasons like St. Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are identified for producing the greatest flower sales of the year. Just about every holiday generates an increase in floral orders. Coming from high end orchids to simple carnations, these flourishing beauties say so many things without saying a word. https://www.giftyard.sg/blogs/flowers/fresh-tulip-bouquet-graduation

With so many and varied reasons for consumers to get flowers, how could you go incorrect by getting yourself into the flowery business? Most family possessed local florists have become global by opening a site from which they can sell worldwide. They do business through a contracted inexpensive drop shipper who gives their customers’ orders, and the retailer never even touches the plants! Actually if you have never had a local store of your own, you might be online as a florist in less than a month’s time. 

The convenience provided by a low cost drop shipping suppliers has its pros and negatives. As with any business, customer satisfaction is key. If you wish repeat customers as well as customers who recommend you to their friends, you must be certain they are satisfied with the product they receive as well as the knowledge and courtesy you prolong to them. If the product is not up to their standards, they may request a replacement or refund. With the likelihood of all problems happening, your supplier must be as ready to bounce to customer demands as you would be.

The comprehensive service and reduced start up costs associated with dealing through a wholesale drop shipper can reduce much of your labor and stress. Using a supplier who can private label your merchandise and package and ship fresh flowers, you forgo the cost and hassles of storage, waste and extra labor and shipping. The lesson here is to find a drop shipper with good credentials and communication skills. Always check references before you continue. As a bonus sales, do not forget to up sell with encased chocolates or other presents on your website. If perhaps you do your quest and watch your back, the advantages easily outweigh the negatives, and you will be involved in a profitable flower and gift idea business before you know it.

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