Five Common Costly Mistakes Made by Untrained Home Staging Consultants

Providing real estate is never easy. However, the problems today seem to be overwhelming to most sellers. The main standards for selling real estate have always recently been location, size, and price but never before have presentation and condition recently been as important as they are today. 95% of buyers are shopping first on the Internet and “driving-by” properties in a “click. ” Without a doubt, appealing website photographs are the key to bringing in buyer traffic. Visiting the property, buyers form first and lasting impressions within seconds. 90% of the population cannot visualize and base their judgments entirely on the actual see and how they feel, and research is showing that thoughts play a much larger part of the decision making process than previously assumed.

In this tough market, customers are also demanding and getting best value, so properties that are be well protected sell faster and for money. Matching to Barbara Corcoran, for each and every $1 a home owner does not invest in condition work, a buyer will deduct at least $3. Most buyers today are putting their full investment into the purchase price of the home and do not have extra money for any major work. In addition, the the greater part of buyers do not have the time or the desire to have renovation. 

Since professional home stagers, we cannot influence location, size and price factors. Each of our role is to team up with agents and home sellers to organize properties for the marketplace to trade for top dollar as quickly as possible. This is certainly impossible without thorough focus on condition issues and increased display. A successful home holding process commences with a specialist analytical consultation that includes specific tips for the homeowner. It is our responsibility not just in tell the seller what they have to do but also to make certain they understand the value of staging also to encourage them to do the recommendations. Otherwise, they do not achieve their objectives of advertising quickly and for a lot of money. In fact they may well not have the ability to sell at all.

With so much at position for home sellers, the staging consultation is critical to the preparation and marketing of the property. The expert advice trained staging consultants provide has significant financial importance. That is why real real estate agents and home vendors should buy trained professional home staging consultants. However, many “stagers” are not trained and make serious mistakes that can be extremely costly to the home sellers. If the staging process is unproductive this can lead to longer time on the market, increased carrying costs for the vendor, reduced selling price and increased stress. These are all extremely costly consequences for a home seller.

Below are five common costly mistakes of untrained workplace set ups consultants:

1) They give away free consultations:

My own view of this is “you get what you pay for. ” Educated professional home stagers be familiar with critical importance of the consultation as the first step in the staging process. They will provide comprehensive room-by-room checks and thorough, prioritized advice. They counsel, describe and motivate homeowners to purchase what needs to be done. The consultation should be value-rich. Free meetings are generally “meet and greet” with some basic information about the great things about staging. They are really superficial and fail to capitalize on this possibility to address all the important staging issues of the property. In many cases the shortage of awareness of detail and other omissions can lead to ineffective staging, for a longer time time on the market and reduced selling prices.

2) They offer decorating advice versus web marketing strategy:

Trained professional home stagers know that staging is not designing – it’s marketing. A room can be attractively decorated, but fail from a staging perspective. The focus is on featuring the best top features of the property, making rooms look as bright and spacious as possible and creating buyer appeal and amazing impact. Our work is strategic, always considering the buyers’ preferences and the camera’s eye. Even if someone is a gifted decorator, they might not exactly be qualified to give you professional home staging advice.

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