Homemade Baby Food: What Equipment Is Required?

Producing homemade baby food is very a simple process and requires very little in conditions of kitchen equipment. Also, the great things about preparing food for your baby at home using organic and natural produce are clear. It has been shown that children fed organic and natural foods have one sixth the amount of pesticide by-products versus children who eat conventional foods. Add the peace of brain that comes with knowing just what your baby is eating and the extra effort in preparing home made baby food seems nominal indeed. introduction to carrageenan

There are actually only four items that are needed to prepare and store homemade baby food, namely a good food mill, a steamer, air-tight storage containers, and a microwave oven. 

Baby Foodstuff Generator

A food generator is a food planning utensil for mashing very soft foods, and a baby food mill is very the only absolutely essential part of equipment necessary for making homemade baby food. This could be either a manual device or an electric device.

The hand-operated generators typically have a hand-operated crank and a strainer for separating seeds and skins from the blend for a smooth end product. The truth is the manual mills don’t make food really smooth, although they can do a best wishes of quickly mashing foods provided they are cooked well to get started with. In addition, the separation of skins from the blend isn’t perfect and it is better to eliminate the skins first. Otherwise, you will probably have to strain the puree soon after.

A much better choice is to invest in an electric food mill. These types of devices consist of a bowl to hold the food, an electrical motor, and a blade which purees the food. There is absolutely no strainer and so again you will need to remove any skin from the produce beforehand or else you will have to tension the puree afterwards. Organizing homemade foods for infants with an electric food mill is very simple and these devices are really recommended.


A food steamer is an appliance used to prepare foods in a sealed vessel that limitations the escape of air below a preset pressure. With steaming, fewer nutrition are lost relative to other cooking techniques, where almost all of the nutrients are discarded after cooking. The steamer can be used to ease up vegetables and other foods so that they can be pureed in the food mill.

Air-Tight Storage area

When preparing home made baby food, it could be attractive to make enough food at once for several meals. In this circumstance, it is necessary to store the foodstuff in air-tight containers to avoid spoilage. Tupperware or similar containers in appropriate sizes for solitary baby meals are available and are nice because your baby can be fed directly out of the container. You never want to feed away of a container and then save unused food from that same box due to contamination risk.

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