Invisible Strings in the Puppet Show

Merely about everyone has removed to a puppet show and watched those heroes, they come in all shapes and sizes each totally different from the other but something that is common to all of which is the string mounted on them that dictates the actual will do and when! A slight adjustment of light and the backdrop and even that string disappears and they seem to be to be doing everything by way of an own free will. string puppets

Shakespeare said “this world is a level and we are typical actors”. With all due value to that talented man, may be he performed not look closely enough. This world is a stage but many of us are not actors we are all but mere puppets, with invisible strings attached. Seem around the greatest puppet show on the planet is unfolding before your very eyes and you may be a part of it. 

The strange thing is that at the end of those strings there is no puppeteer! Our actions are dictated by our feelings, affiliations, affection, hatred and ambitions. Without knowing it, it is us who are pulling our own strings. Yes there exists a Puppeteer who is at the helm of all the strings placed on us but it seems some control has been passed on to us.

We move and dance to the tune of the music composed by our own will without knowing it. An amalgam of thoughts, experience and our physical and spiritual needs varieties the invisible string fastened to every puppet. Individuals who let this pressure swing their pendulum of life remain puppets linked with the invisible string.

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