Joomla Template Tutorial – Download, Upload and Install Joomla Templates in 3 Quick and Easy Steps

One important thing that makes it useful to design and develop websites using the Joomla cms CMS is the countless supply of high quality Joomla templates (free, commercial and even custom-made) that are available to you personally to both use and revise based on your needs. You may then use these to choose a site look and feel as special, fresh and interactive as you want it without unnecessarily spending money in the process. Here, Let myself show you a quick and easy 3-step process to getting and setting up Joomla templates on your website. I call it the ‘PDI Formula’. Avoid worry, it has nothing at all to do with complicated mathematical or philosophical codes or geek talk.; ) If you are ready, here are the steps:

1. Procure: This is where you go away there and get the best Joomla templates that you can get for your website. There are technically 3 types of Joomla templates that are offered to you, going by the expense of getting them and the resulting quality. (Yes, the old ‘you get what you pay for’ expressing applies here, too). These kinds of templates are: a. Totally free Joomla Templates: These are the ones that are out there that anyone can install and use prove sites. They generally include strings attached. That they are either ad-supported, require live links to the template designer’s website or a blend of both. m. Commercial Joomla Templates: These kinds of are for sale and have not one of the strings associated with free Joomla templates fastened. You can aquire commercial (or premium) Joomla templates one at a time, in plans or through monthly subscribers to Joomla Template Golf clubs. The commercial ones also provide more template customization options than the free ones and generally look and feel far more professional than the free ones for evident reasons: you paid money for these ones. c. Custom-Designed Joomla cms Templates: This is how you approach a design designer, give them information about the things you need and have them make a Joomla template just for you. This usually costs a little higher than the commercial templates because they are tailored to your particular needs and custom-made for your joy and ego, so to say.

2. Download: The second help setting up your Joomla template is to download it to your computer. Whether you are dealing with free, high quality or custom-made templates, you will have to do this to before you upload and install the template on your Joomla cms web site.

3. Publish and Install: Once you have website on your computer, the next step is to upload it to your website. You can do this by hand by logging onto your Joomla hosting account’s Control Panel (from where you usually manage files, email messages, check websites stats, and so forth. You get the point! ) You will then go the (from where you manage the data on your website), get around to the directory where you installed Joomla, click on the folder in which the Joomla templates are stored and upload the new Joomla template to the same folder.

The easier, simpler and more better way to set up your new template is to sign in to the admin area (backend) of your Joomla cms website (the /administrator directory site, from where you deal with all aspects of your site) and upload it from there. This can be done by beginning the ‘Extensions’ tab and clicking on the ‘Upload and Install’ link after selecting the template from your computer. It should be uploaded and installed in a minute (usually in a few secs after you click the upload link). And, which it! You have just uploaded and installed a new Joomla template on your website. The next thing you may want to learn maybe be how to modify website to suit your designed theme for the website!

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