Why Medications Only Mask And Not Cure Anxiety Attacks

The actual problem of anxiety afflicted patients is hidden in their mind and when they face panic problems, this disorder is more of your mental disorder than physical disorder. Medication is always useful and implies proper diagnosis and treatment in the physical problem. But when the challenge is in the mind of the patients how can medication help us? Because if you do not understand the reason of the disease you are not able to suggest any remedies, and in the circumstance of social anxiety disorders the key reason behind the condition is unusual mental state of the patients, dark thoughts always haunt them. website

Medicine can not be able to sub side the strange thoughts of the patients. In that particular case medication has certain type of limitation; it can treat the patients partly but can not cure them completely. Following realizing the influences of anxiety attack medication may be applied. Anxiety episodes very suddenly, and at the time of the attack, various mental and physical disabilities occur among the patients. 

It may attack your heart; you may feel respiratory problem and different kinds of soreness or uneasiness in your mind. What medication can do, it may give some essential treatment which why you get some primary relief from your physical discomfort. At the time of the anxiousness attacks some patients face a sudden downfall of their stress which may take their life; proper medicine can make them to raise their bloodstream pressure.

Medication provides some primary treatment but it is not able to cure the condition of the patients. The problem of the patients is covered in their mind; medication can not touch that deep state of their mind. Social anxiety episodes have no generalized reason, it is very abrupt in addition to every case the cause of the harm has some variation from the other cause.

Specifically what is required to the social anxiety afflicted patients is that proper counseling of those patients. By proper counseling the counselor may understand what the exact reason behind apprehension is for the particular patient. May be the cause of social stress attack is tremendous pressure at work, or the patient is very much stressed with some personal relationship. These personal problems may fill all his or her mind, and this individual or she can not get rid of the challenge.

Prescriptions might work briefly, but eventually the body begins to build a resistance and the serving needs to be increased; then, eventually, the medication needs to be changed with another one and the cycle continues. Rather of getting to the root of your worry attacks, prescription medications just mask the problem. Rather of fixing the problems triggering the condition, prescription drugs sweep them under the rug until they work their way back away again.

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