The New Social Media-Fueled Fashion Democracy

Maybe you have ever looked at the latest fashions coming off the catwalk and heaved a sigh of lament, wondering why that they can’t design fashions for folks as you? Items are changing – no more can an elite group of couture designers condition and dictate fashion for everyone. A revolution is occurring. Fashion is becoming more democratic, thanks in no small part to social media such as Face book and Tweets and the rise of independent fashion bloggers, who are becoming a power to be reckoned with. An increasing recognition of ethical fashion and the advantages of more plus size fashion has unquestionably been consumer led. LuLa Roe Leggings Pinterest

In the forefront of this trend is The Purchasing Forecast, a special community forum which allows consumers to see, share, vote and comment on next season’s lines. The Shopping Outlook supplies a link between the buyers of style, and professional store fashion customers. The selected outfits that viewers vote on are chosen by “The Design Council” whose members are predominantly independent fashion people with no financial interest in the best couture properties or large retail shops who have previously determined fashion. Could the Purchasing Forecast lead the way to a genuine difference in the way the fashion industry operates – fashion by the individuals, for the people!

Listening to consumers increases the bottom series. And fashion industry is a business similar to other so this is a compelling argument to encourage more customer opinions. Earlier this year, Marc Jacobs CEO Robert Duffy received a sizable amount of Twitter feedback from customers who wanted plus sizes. His response was to tweet back in the industry’s more than 26, 1000 followers, “We gotta do larger sizes… The moment I actually get back to NEW YORK I’m on it, inches. This is clear data that designers are hearing to the fans with no long operating solely for the elite fashionistas in their ivory towers.

Attempting retailer Ann Taylor would find a saw a 16% rise in same-store sales for the second quarter of 2010. Industry analysts have attributed this to you can actually vigorous use of social media for assisting to lure new customers. In response to critique of a skinny model in a very new pair of pants on its face book site, the company responded by posting new photographs of employees of a range of sizes wearing the product. The feedback from customers was remarkably positive.

It is not simply big fashion homes and retailers, who are utilising the internet and social media to trade fashion. The internet and virus-like marketing using sites such as Face book and Twitter has made it cheaper and easier for small independent fashion merchants to market their products and get customer comments without having to pay for costly professional market research. Top rated the way, ASOS market place is now accepting applications to spread out retailers in the Marketplace from Fashion designers, Independent product labels, and Vintage resellers. Extra choice for the consumer means more possibility to make their own decisions about what sort of trends they want including the ethical trend for trying to recycle clothes. Fashion is no longer about buying all the right labels but producing a stylish blend of everywhere pieces and the move towards a more democratic Fashion industry is part with this tendency.

In keeping with the go on to a more democratic industry, it appears the size zero vs real women debate is getting to be taken more critically. Online plus size nearby mall One Stop Plus made history this season as The month of september saw the first ever before “plus-size only” show displayed during Mercedes Benz Vogue Week in Ny.

Even so, it is the one thing being attentive to your customer’s views to try and improve business, but one developer has taken it a step further. British fashion designer Katie Eary has launched the first ever before fan-funded clothing. All of the shares for the collection have sold away which includes created fashion background! The Katie Eary collection at Catwalk Genius travelled on sale in Sept. 2010. With investments from as little as? 11, part ownership of a collection with a designer you like seems the greatest way to influence fashion!

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