Prefinished Wood Floors: Easy and Convenient Installation

Increasingly more homeowners are beginning to see the inherent features of prefinished wood floors set up. This type of floor coverings is already finished with sealants and sanded down so that they are ready to use right after installation. While this appears to be very straightforward, very few homeowners are aware of the positives and cons of having these panel floors installed. buying hardwood flooring Houston

Why Choose Prefinished Real wood Floors?

Prefinished floors are a popular choice among those who want the floor installation process to be quick and easy. With panel floors, the floor pieces are already sanded and applied with sealants that allow them to be resistive to stains and other future damages brought about by natural causes. 

The simple fact that the sanding and sealing process is done in a professional manufacturer allows these processes to be more precise. This kind of advantage is most seen with the occurrence of sealants. Prefinished floorings have a thicker and better layer of sealants that can repel stains more successfully. Due to higher level of damage resistance, -panel floors often come with warranties of up to fifty years or more. In contrast, these flooring come with shorter warrantee periods.

Prefinished Wood Flooring surfaces Installation

Installing prefinished wooden floors is a quick and straightforward process because the floors are good and ready-to-go just after installation. When these panel floors are installed, no further process is necessary to give it a good look. However, prefab wood floors installation is more fragile than many people think. For starters, if there are errors or damages during the assembly process, the whole wooden plank would need to be replaced unlike real wood floors that can certainly be remedied with the sanding and finishing process that comes afterwards.

An additional downside to prefinished real wood floors is that because the process of polishing off is done away with, the spaces between the wood planks are not as finished as the rest of the area and is thus more prone to stains, marque, or molds. In connection to this, eliminating the finishing process also means that what you set up is what you get. Some of the solid wood pieces may be heavier than the others, thus resulting to uneven floor.

Floor Installation Experts

The reasons explained above show how important it is for prefinished floors to be installed by the real experts. These experts can spot problems before on and could perhaps cure them before it is too late. Likewise, with professional floor set up experts, homeowners get the added make sure can last for lifetimes.

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