How to Reset a Motorola Droid

Droid giving you trouble? Prevalent problems on the Droid are screen freezes and programs not running properly. Sometimes the phone will not unlock also. Simply like on a regular PC you should hit control + alt + erase. This may seem to be clear but not everyone is aware the actual control button is. reset your phone

Take those phone in your hand and start it up so the keyboard shows. First force down the button with an upward pointing arrow with a line over it. Then push altbier. Then the delete key. Be sure you hold them all down as well. The droid will now reset and your problems should be solved. If resetting your Motorola Droid does not solve your problem there are some other options that you should explore to solve your issues. Direct to your carrier to get help on an issue you may have or browse around for another solution. 

We are writing another article over a hard reset of the motorola droid. A hard reset to zero restores your phone to factory settings. This will lead you to lose all data on your phone and it will need you to reinstall everything. This kind of includes all updates to the operating-system on your phone. Apart from that you may have a hardware problem which can only be fixed by someone with expertise in this field. Likely, this will be the place that you bought your phone from. Hopefully they will be able to provide you with a replacement unit phone while you have being worked on.

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