Studying the Increased Divorce Rate in India

Alarming statistics tell us that within the United Claims, the divorce rate hovers right around the 50 percent mark. This means that half of all lovers who marry eventually break down that relationship. Despite the fact that Christianity, the primary religion in the U. S., would not condone divorce, we have seen the incidence continue to rise. What we should might not know is that American Religious culture is not the only one being split apart by divorce. This kind of is a phenomenon that is gaining momentum all over the world. Queensland has highest divorce rate in Australia

Analysis has been done to study the effects divorce has had on Native american Hindu culture. Until the passing of the Indio Marriage Act, 1955, relationship was considered to become a sacred institution which could not be dissolved. This kind of act, as well as subsequent laws, have made it easier for lovers to divorce in the case opf bigamy, coition, and cruelty as well as by mutual approval. Since the Act was passed, the divorce rate in India has gone up to about 2% of the general population between the ages of twenty-five and 39.

In order to study the divorce trends and the result of divorce on women, researchers have culled various statistics. They found that the majority of all divorces, about 95%, took place amidst people younger than 35. This could be because younger people may feel as bound by the ancient traditions as older people do or that the enhancements made on the cultural climate has results on their attitudes. That was also learned that those with higher education were more likely to divorce than those who not attended college. Research workers, however, were reluctant to achieve a conclusion regarding this evidence.

Occupation is another factor when it comes to the Indian divorce rate. Those who are in professions that take them out of the house and into contact with people of the opposite sex are more inclined to divorce. Only a low ratio of Indian women have joined the workforce, though, as a result of fact that natural male members of their family members will not permit it. Lack of jobs and income often means that women who might be inclined to divorce are not able to afford to do so. Divorce much more prevalent in the affluent Brahmin body than in some other.

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