Trucking Industry and Technology

The Trucking Industry is a great destination to start when talking about new steam techniques and technologies because the economies of level are so huge and the cost savings from even an incremental update more than justify the expenditures in Research and Development to get all of us there. New Truck Solutions might not sound like a glamorous business but this can be a multi-Billion Dollar Market. David Marquet turn the ship around

At the moment the Industry Technology experts in the Transportation Sector are discussing Energy Costs, Current Industry Innovative developments, Fuel Cells and all sorts of potential choices on the horizon. Yet we ask; What is over the Horizon? 

What propulsion technologies are away there that we have not considered yet – that are not in the works or even on the drawing planks quite yet? The T-5 Group (The Truck Technology Think Tank Technology Team) considered this and emerged up with a few potential future technologies and narrowed those right down to real hone in on what might be feasible in the next 20-years. Curiously enough they are not alone.

Many superstar executive teams at the top Trucking Industry Corporations are considering similar strategies to upgrade the efficiency of logistical flows using pcs and more advanced vans with better propulsion system, better aerodynamics and better and lighter materials.

Which means you ask; How far along could they be in these uses? Well, you will be surprised that the over-the-road truck you see on the freeway is far more high-tech than you think. But although you may look under the engine and review its features, still it is little or nothing compared to the actual Vans of the Future will end up like.

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